La Villa delle Streghe, the Witch house of Tivegna

There has always existed an aura of mystery about this villa. The certain news are irrilevant, and nobody really knows why this house is called “Villa delle Streghe”. It seems that a group of local witches built a church in one night of full moon, and took refuge in this villa after destroying the same church. But we do not know if the church really existed. The old people of Tivegna remember very little of this abandoned house. Inside there are empty bottles everywhere. Some inhabitants of Tivegna remember that the last owner of the house belonged to the Genoese family of the Oldoini. They say, he worked about commercial exchanges. It is possible, because in one of the rooms, on the floor, I found some documents. This house have a large terrace too and the view gets lost in the valley. It’s really a paradise.The internal stairs have collapsed, and part of the roof too.

This house was built in 1927 and it’s abandoned since decades. Click for Video


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