What about the third day of the golden european league that was played yesterday? First victory also for the Czech Republic that in Prague won against Spain for 3-1 conquering the first three points in this competition. In the same group, the Pool C, Portugal won against Finland at the tie break, but despite this, Finland is still first in the standings of its group, with 7 points. Follow the Portugal with 5 points and Spain and the Czech Republic both with 3 points. 
In pool A Belgium, second in the ranking in his group with 5 points, won at the tiebreak against Slovakia and Estonia, first in the standings at 9, won 3:1 against Sweden, which remains at the last position with zero points. 
As for Pool B, Ukraine won against the Netherlands at tie brek, and the match between Slovenia and Turkey will be played today. In this group, Slovenia is the only team with zero points, and at the moment Ukraine, the Netherlands and Turkey have all three, 5 points in the standing.


Written by Pavel

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