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The creepy legend of Jayuro Road Ghost

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On a big and foggy highway north of Seoul, there is an urban legend of a ghost along the road, looking like she has a pair of sunglasses on in the dark.

Well, we are on the Jayu Motorway , in Korean 자유로, literally Freedom Road, a big highway in South Korea connecting Seoul to Gyeonggi Province.
In some of itsparts you can even see all the way to North Korea!
It has a high rate of car accidents because of frequent foggy weather and being badly lit along some parts, but there is something else in the misty road to be wary of, at least, according to many passing drivers who claim to have encountered something else the so-called “Jayuro Road Ghost” (自由路鬼神).

This is basically a very popular korean urban legend that appeared in the early 2004 or 2005.
The “Vanishing Hitchhiker” is a well known urban legend throughout the world and there are now countless of variations of it, including this one and another similar about a girl named Lydia, but most of them follow the same pattern.
Basically If you drive along Jayuro Road in the middle of the night, there is supposedly a young woman in her 20s, waving to you while trying to hitchhike.
It looks like the woman is wearing a long coat with large black sunglasses, and many realise who they met after they drive past her.
To just get a glimpse and not noticing anything strange of a lonely woman by a highway is perhaps the best solution because, if you look closer, you notice that she is not alive at all.
In fact, when you get closer, you can clearly see it’s not sunglasses, but rather a big black hole where her eyes were supposed to be.

One of the reports comes from a man that actually claims to have picked the Jayuro Ghost up when she tried to hitchhike.
As story goes he was driving back from a dinner party and looked away from the road for a second.
When he looked up, he saw the woman standing along the highway and he nearly ran her over. It looked like she had just escaped from an accident herself, and she asked him if he could give her a ride home.
The man accepted and put the address in the navigation system to follow, but before they reached the destination, the Jayuro Ghost disappeared.
When he found out where the destination was, he realized that it was a cemetery.

It sounds good, but who was this Woman?
I don’t know.
According to one version of the story, she was simply a woman in her 20s that was killed on the road in 2002 by strangulation, not far from where she is spotted, and It was because of decay that she looked like she did with her dark gouged out eyes.
It seems that the culprit behind her murder was arrested in 2005, although they never really followed up with a police report on this though.
But no matter who she is supposed to have been, and a name has never come up, athough stories of her along the foggy highway often does.

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