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Mawson’s Huts: Frozen in times.

Lost on the edge of Cape Denison in Antarctica, there is a small group of huts that were built by Australian antarctic explorer Douglas Mawson in the early 20th century. […]

Colonia Mater Dei-Cá Roman

There is a plaque on the wall, who tells in brief the history of the place: “This place until the 1923 was deserted and malarial. With twenty years of work, […]

La Villa delle Streghe, the Witch house of Tivegna

This is an old villa, uninhabited since decades, with a special charm after its abandonment. already its appearance is creepy, and there is also a legend that is told by local inhabitants: it seems that a group of witches built a church in one night and took refuge in this villa after destroying the same church. Maybe it's just a legend, or not?....