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Category: Art and Photography

Pripyat, schools and kindergartens

In Pripyat there were 15 primary schools in Pripyat for 5,000 children, plus 5 secondary schools and one professional school. Toys and exercise books still remain everywhere across the floor […]

Visit to Pripyat Hospital

{Seven in the morning. At seven, they told me he was in the hospital. I rushed over, but there was a police cordon round the hospital, they weren’t letting anyone […]

Duga-3, the top-secret military base lost in Chernobyl’s irradiated forest

Soaring high over the pines and firs in a forest clearing is the Duga structure. It looks as if someone had taken a 20-mile stretch of electricity pylons and squashed them into a line the length of a football field. A swirling mass of wires, pylons and cylindrical cones form a geometric structure of steel roughly 500 meters high....

Visit (and help) To Samosely (Photogallery)

Photogallery of an experience that can not be described with words. Thanks to italian cultural association “I Luoghi dell’abbandono” which constantly helps the local inhabitants of this area.