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Category: History

Thurant Castle (Germany), die Burg über Alken.

“Die Burg Thurant ist ein weithin sichtbares Wahrzeichen über dem Ort Alken an der Mosel. Teils auf römischen Grundmauern errichtet, ist sie eine der ältesten Burgen des Mosellandes..” The ruins […]

Grosio, the castles of Valtellina

The Castle Hill have a mix of the historical, archaeological, architectural and natural patrimony of various ages of the Valtellina. The hill is dominated by two castles. The “Castello Vecchio” […]

Villa Jovis and the emperor Tiberius

Villa Jovis is situated in the very northeast of the Capri island atop Monte Tiberio, 334m of elevation and is the second-highest peak of Capri after Monte Solaro. Find water was […]

Montagnana, the village inside the walls.

Montagnana is built on an area of an ancient prehistoric settlement, dating from the Neolithic and Bronze Ages. Later, the Romans made it a settlement fortified to defend the bridge […]

Vezio Castle, one of the most spectacular views of Como Lake.

At the centre of Lake Como, on the mountain overlooking Varenna, there is Vezio Castle, here for more than a thousand years. It is an ancient military outpost of early medieval origin built by the Lombard Queen Theodelinda to defend and control the lake and surrounding villages....