About Us

Random-Times.com a pure digital project with the purpose of become an unusual guide to the world’s hidden wonders, but also to uncover and bring to light mysteries, legends and popular stories expecially those lesser known. Our young team undertakes to uncover unusual and overlooked placed usually not found in a regular guidebook.

RandomVolley.com is the volleyball section of our digital magazine. Despite being born as a pastime, everyday more than 1000 visitors from all over the world come to read our news, match results, and more, but above all to view our exclusive and quality photogalleries, realized thanks to the collaboration of our professional photographer, regularly registered with the international press.

All our articles are proposed, whatever the topic, in a basic English, simple and intuitive (moreover, it is not our first language), to reach a wider audience worldwide.

Contact: randomtimes38@gmail.com


Pavel (24) from Czech Republic, even if he lives elsewhere. He is the owner / founder of the project. To contact me, send an e-mail (which no one will see, except me). During busy times, because I’ve a real life and a demanding Job, e-mails receive the fastest response.
Ivan (32) from Sofia, Bulgaria. He currently lives in Turkey, and despite his 32 years he has lived in 9 different countries. Perhaps he is our most appreciated (and most professional) collaborator.
Leo (26) based in Canada and “somewhere in Europe”. The boy of four different nationalities! He does not like writing about news, volleyball and matches, but he is one of our most appreciated collaborators with his oddities, unusual places and ghost stories.
Anya (29) from everywhere. She is a globe-trotter, but above all she is our official photographer. Regularly registered with the international press, she photograph volleyball matches in France, Austria, Italy and not only. She is interested in history, abandoned places and both.
Danijel (28) from Slovenija. The author of our articles about French championship. He has remarkable writing experiences in his country. Just one word: professional, maybe a little crazy, even if you can’t find him on social networks.
Nathan (33) from Adelaide, Australia. Our last “purchase”. It is the mind of the site, and it turned out to be an excellent news hunter and really a good collaborator, always willing to give us a hand. With all. If you talk about any place in Europe, he has been there. Really unbelievable!
Adam (21) from Czech Republic. Sometimes he helps us write the recap of a few matches in France, interested in history, he will be more active next volleyball season (hopefully). In any case he is a great reader. And when he wants, he writes really good articles!

Background: Francesca (32) from Italy, who is the author of some volleyball articles on the Italian Superlega, and Robin (30), a good Dutch guy who often helped us correct something in the articles. Fantastic! And finally there is also Leo’s older brother who lives in Vancouver, often his infallible source of inspiration for new articles.