About Us

Random-Times.com a pure digital project with the purpose of become an unusual guide to the world’s hidden wonders, but also to uncover and bring to light mysteries, legends and popular stories expecially those lesser known. Our young team undertakes to uncover unusual and overlooked placed usually not found in a regular guidebook.

RandomVolley.com is the volleyball section of our digital magazine. Despite being born as a pastime, everyday more than 1000 visitors from all over the world come to read our news, match results, and more, but above all to view our exclusive and quality photogalleries, realized thanks to the collaboration of our professional photographer, regularly registered with the international press.

All our articles are proposed, whatever the topic, in a basic English, simple and intuitive (moreover, it is not our first language), to reach a wider audience worldwide.


PAVEL, 23 🇨🇿 👀
Nothing interesting to say about me. Or maybe it’s only me that I don’t want to say anything. I’m the founder of this site, the idea is mine and also lot of texts. I hope that my english it’s not so bad. I’m Czech, but I live somewhere else.

Ivan, 31 🇧🇬😉
I’m from Sofia, and I looking for news and stories from the web. I speak and I understand many European languages, especially English (only for travel), French, Italian and Spanish. I love Italy, since three years my destination for holiday with my family. I like traveling and I contribute to the search for informations for the site. Despite my 31 years old (2018′) I lived in eight different countries!”

Adam, 20 🇨🇿😊
Informations about me? I’m Czech, but I travel a lot. I’m interested in history and sports. I like travel, reading and I play tennis!

Leo, 26 🇨🇦🤠
My name is Leo. Non-professional volley player. I have many different citizenships, I am Canadian but almost all my relatives live in America. I have a Swiss grandmother who married an Italian, and an English grandmother. but I live in Austria! I’m interested in food (and I’m not fussy), travel and sports. I studied as a journalist in Canada, but I did not finish anything

Anya, 30 🇩🇪📸
“Who I am? A volleyball player from Germany, I live in Switzerland and I love photography. I photograph regularly volleyball matches, especially in Italy and France, and I move to Europe for work and not only. I’m interested in history and I often go looking for abandoned places to photograph.”

Danijel, 28 🇭🇷👻

Nathan, 33 🇦🇺