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Photogallery of Kupovatoye, abandoned village in Chernobyl Region

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Photogallery of Kupovatoye, abandoned village in Chernobyl region. 23/4/2018

The Chernobyl Exclusion Zone, most of which is located in the Kiev Region, can be reached from Kiev by car in an hour and a half or two hours. This is an area of small villages which, as you approach the Zone, give way to nothing but forest.
In 2009, this area featured in Forbes magazine’s list of the twelve most exotic tourist destinations in the world, alongside Antarctica and North Korea. In some spots, radiation levels exceed the permitted dose by thirty times, but this does little to deter the curious from coming to see the planet’s most large scale disaster to manmade catastrophe. Over the last ten years, forty thousand tourists have visited the zone.

Below, an interesting exclusive photogallery take by our photographer Anya within the alienation zone. This is the village of Kupovatoye. April 2018’

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