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Abandoned Canada: Parkhurst Ghost Town~

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British Columbia is a province known for its natural beauty and thriving western seaport. In this region for visitors it is not common to talk about ghosts or abandoned places, and locals are usually only haunted by poor drinking decisions and the current state of the housing market.
However, for people brave enough to venture past the safety of the city lights there are some interesting abandoned places to explore.

An interesting area to hike and explore is the abandoned logging village of Parkhurst, located in the woods near a popular ski town. Hidden in the woods above the town of Whistler, is a forgotten relic of the past.
The decaying ghost town sits along the northern edge of Green Lake, slowly being swallowed by the forest.
Abandoned cars and buildings are the only remnants of the once thriving logging community, which closed with the decline of the logging industry in the 1950’s.

Originally was a successful logging outpost, It was originally built by the Parkhursts. The Barr Brothers Logging Company purchased it in 1926 from a recent widow looking to sell, so Mrs. Parkhurst sold the land with a small house. Soon it was filled with many into small houses, bunkhouses and a steam powered mill.
About 70 loggers lived and worked within the small settlement, and they named the town after the original owners, Parkhurst.
In 1932 the mill was purchased by another logging company and named Northern Mills. A fire came and destroyed the mill in 1938.
Shortly after a store and school were built, but they were short-lived, in fact, after a decade of decline, the little town was abandoned in 1966.
Now, it only another suggestive abandoned places and is slowly being reclaimed by nature. The town is filled with artifacts from that era: some vehicles and buildings remain, rusting and crumbling, while colorful graffiti covers some pieces of the abandoned buildings.

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