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Blue Hawk Mine~

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Unlike many reclaimed, abandoned mines, this Canadian cave system is still an interesting, dangerous maze.
This is the Blue Hawk Mine, in woods of British Columbia, a rare example of abandoned mine that has not been turned into a boring attraction for adventurous tourists, but is still a dangerous and enigmatic abandoned site.
It is located on the east slope of Blue Grouse Mountain, on the west side of Okanagan Lake, just a few kilometres from Downtown Kelowna.

Historically the mine began operation in the 1934, but only produced ore for a single year before being almost completely abandoned ever since. After its initial production of gold, ownership of the site was essentially given up and remains an unsolved mystery to this day: additional drilling and limited expansion continued through the 80s but it never went back into production, and was simply left empty.
British Columbia’s Ministry of Energy, Mines and Petroleum Resources states that 5 metric tonnes of ore was mined yielding 560 grams of silver and 156 grams of gold.

Measuring back only about 90 meters, the mine has become an adventure site for bold locals that aren’t afraid of cave-ins or being buried alive!
There is no infrastructure in the old mine and it is completely dark inside, with an oppressive air and an incredibly damp. The mine is short, but it has lot of passages where curious could easily get lost.
The mine is known to many Kelowna locals, and there is regularly a gravel road leading the mine.

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