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Travelers Monument: one of the most curious parts of the journey on the Mojave Road, California~

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The Mojave Road, is a historic route across what is now the Mojave National Preserve in the Mojave Desert in the United States.
This rough road stretched 147 miles (237 km) and today has become a famous trek for off-road enthusiasts.
The Old Mojave Road was first used by Native Americans, then Spaniards, and later early American settlers to make their way west through the dangerous Mojave Desert.

The traveler’s Monument is one of the most curious parts of the journey on the Mojave Road. This large pile of rocks by the dry lakebed is a longstanding tradition.
Near mile 100 of the road, on the dry Soda Lake (and just south of Zzyzx) there is Travelers Monument, a large and seemingly random pile of rocks (and California state flag) in the middle of the road.
The tradition states that travelers should carry the largest rock they can across Soda Lake to deposit on the monument for good luck, and as a memento of their visit to this remote place.

The origins of the monument are unknown, but travelers have been adding their rocks (some painted, stickered, or adorned with messages) to the pile for decades. Near the top of the pile, among the rocks, there is even a plaque with a supposed-to-be secret message. So…If you reach the monument, not only do you get to relieve yourself of the rock you’ve been carrying with you to add to the pile, but you get to read the plaque to discover the secret message that only travelers of the Mojave Road know. Please keep the secret! 🤫

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