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Grandparents and Grandchildren: 18 Photographs of Correspondences between Generations

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According to Bored Panda, the source of this article, our grandparents may be grey and wrinkled but once they were young, facing many life problems and experiencing its joy just like we are now. The site has collected some of the best grandchildren attempts to mimic their grandmas and grandpas: from visiting the same sights to wearing identical outfits.
All we know that the concept of love for grandparents is often unconditional but rarely do we think of our ancestors during their youth. The photographic documentation of ordinary people began around the 1920s or 1930s, and portraits of people from those times almost always show them at a wedding or on official occasions, when it was very important to keep a memory of one’s appearance.

1) 3 Generations of Firefighters: Grandfather Colin Gunn in 1966, Father Nick Gunn in 1988 and Son Owen Gunn in 2015:

2) Grandmother and Granddaughter:

3) Standing next to grandfather on the streets of Pleurtuit, France in 1944 and 2013:

4) Boyfriend and girl attempted to recreate her favorite picture of her grandparents:

5) Apparently he bear some resemblance to his Great Great Grandfather:

6) Recreated her Great-Grandmother’s 1918 Portrait:

7) 1st Gen (1989): He, his Dad, and his Grandpa playing Zelda on Nintendo. 2nd Gen (2016): His Son, he, and his Dad playing Zelda On Wii U:

8) He turn Twenty in 30 Minutes. For the last Hour of his teens he wanted to reproduce his favourite Picture of his Grandfather when He was his age studying at Hitotsubashi University:

9) Grandmother Mary Alice Mcafee, Age 16 (1944) and Granddaughter (2015):

10) Grandfather and Grandson, 1965 And 2016:

11) Old Photos of Ancestors going back 200 Years:

12) Grandmother and Granddaughter 69 years later:

13) Grandpa, dad and son:

14) Grandparents’ Wedding Photo:

15) Sitting exactly where his Grandfather sat in WWII, 1944 VS. 2014. Arno River, Florence Italy:

16) Grandpa at East Base Antarctica 1940 and Grandson:

17) Grandpa (1984) and Grandson:

18) Granpa (1977) and Grandson:

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