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The trauma of divorce summed up in 7 very effective images.

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Divorce is one of the most painful situations a family can go through, but unless you’ve experienced it first-hand, it’s very hard to imagine exactly how much damage it causes, of course for all family members involved.
An artist known only by the pen-name “Mac” decided to depict how divorce affected his family in a simple, but very effective, series of 7 vignettes.
While it’s true that every family deals with divorce differently, and some families even come out better and stronger after it, an overwhelming number of Internet users identified strongly with the sordid story of Mac. “This should be required reading before having children,” someone wrote. And in fact, children always find themselves at a disadvantage, affected by a drama much bigger than themselves.

1# Children are depicted in the vignettes as suspended on an abyss, supported by their parents:

2# In the case of the Mac family, as in so many others, one of the two parents (in this case the father) fell in love with another woman, who left her family for a new companion:

3# He left the mother with the two children:

4# The older brother has become the lifeline for the minor, which tries to understand the situation:

5# The father has created a family with the new companion that is completely disconnected from the previous one:

6# The mother, with a broken heart, fell in love with another man, leaving her children on the platform balanced on the abyss:

7# Simply children without the help and support of their parents…

Below, divorce rate by country and the world’s 10 most and least divorced nations (updated 2017)

As can be seen from the figure above, the number of divorced has grown in the last years.
Mac, who was a child like many who suffered the difficulties of a divorce by their parents, created this vignettes by launching a specific appeal: “look at these cartoons before having children”
Difficult not to share his warning….

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