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Inside Costa Concordia: the photographic book of an Italian drama.

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These extraordinary images of the cruise ship was taken by Jonathan Danko Kielkowski and published in his book Concordia. The German photographer swam out to where the ship, which ran aground off Tuscany in 2012 with the loss of 32 lives, was moored.
The photographs of the interior of the Costa Concordia depict a drama almost always observed only from the outside, a tragedy that we have only imagined for what may have happened between those corridors and large halls to those who, on the evening of 13 January 2012, were closed to inside the boat.
The images show how the decadent luxury of the 290-metre ship has been reduced to a derelict state, four years to the month after the vessel hit rocks and partially sank off the coast of the island of Giglio.
He told German outlet Vice Media it was his second attempt, after being caught by the Coast Guard the first time.

The photographer swam the 200m from shore to the wrecked ship in Genoa and jumped on board to take the pictures. He said: “Against all odds, I find the shipwreck freely accessible – neither fences nor security personnel. Rather, the doors are open, lights are turned on, no man can be seen“.
The once glitzy atrium has been reduced to a rundown mess, while the once-packed theatre is almost unrecognisable, the stage covered in debris, the speakers encrusted with coral.
Abandoned luggage, wheelchairs, prams and other personal belongings lay wet and strewn along the narrow hallways.


The images, taken in 2016, show the derelict state of the luxury cruise ship, four years to the month after it sank.



Debris and wiring in one of the large rooms:

A former bar with its distinctive green decoration:

Sea plants over the walls and ceiling of one of the ship’s large rooms:

The former games and casino room:

Casino chips litter the floors:

Slot machines have rusted:

Other Images:

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