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Nikita Golubev, the artist who turns dirty cars into works of Art

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In his Moscow’s neighborhood, Russian artist Nikita Golubev aka Pro Boy Nick uses dirt found on trucks and vans to draw with his fingers incredible artworks.
However, it seems that the owners love them so much that they now refuse to wash their trucks!

Art is decidedly unconventional, and many have uploaded photographs of Gobulev’s works on the web.
The artist’s “canvases” are cars, trucks or vans, and result is a work that looks like a charcoal drawing, beautiful in its simplicity. ProBoyNick’s Instagram account has become very popular, and thanks to the fame gathered on the web many people ask for an “intervention” to embellish their dirty car to the artist, who posted the stages of transformation in the stories of their account in the “Dirt” category.

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