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#TodayInHistory – March 13

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March 13 – Some Important Events on this day

624 👉🏼 Battle of Badr: Muhammad’s Muslim forces win significant victory over Meccan army
1591 👉🏼 Battle at Tondibi: Moroccan army under Judar defeats Sultan Askia Ishaq II of Songhai

1770 👉🏼 Nobody knows what was wrong with Daniel Lambert who was born on this day. But he went from being a slim, athletic, sports-loving guy to a very very very big man in his thirties, so big that he entered record books as the heaviest person ever to have lived. ✔️ Read the article!

1781 👉🏼 William Herschel sees what he thinks is a “comet” but is actually the discovery of the planet Uranus 💫
1865 👉🏼 Confederate President Jefferson Davis signs bill authorizing use of slaves as soldiers in US Civil War 🇺🇸

1877 👉🏼 Chester Greenwood invented earmuffs aged just 15, in 1873, while growing up in Maine. He reportedly made his first pair from farm wire and asked his grandmother to sew beaver fur onto the loops around the ears. He later made a metal band to connect the two ear pieces.
Thus, after further testing of designs in 1877, Chester applied for and was granted US patent No. 188,292. Seeing a local need, especially in snowy Maine, he set up Greenwood’s Ear Protector Factory in Framington and the town became known as the Earmuff Capital of the World going on to supply troops during WWI.

1881 👉🏼 Alexander II of Russia is assassinated by members of far-left terror group ‘People’s Will’ who throw a bomb at him in the city of St. Petersburg 🇷🇺
1884 👉🏼 Siege of Khartoum, Sudan begins by Mahdist forces, lasts 10 months 🇸🇩
1903 👉🏼 Fall of the Sokoto Caliphate in Northern Nigeria, the British claim supremacy on over 500,000 square miles
1930 👉🏼 Clyde Tombaugh announces discovery of Pluto at Lowell Observatory
1943 👉🏼 Failed assassin attempt on Adolf Hitler during Smolensk-Rastenburg flight
1980 👉🏼 American John Wayne Gacy receives the death sentence in Illinois for the murder of 12 people 🔫
2003 👉🏼 The journal Nature reports that 350,000-year-old footprints of an upright-walking human have been found in Italy 🇮🇹
2019 👉🏼 US grounds all Boeing 737 Max aircraft after bans by others countries following the plane type’s second crash in Ethiopia

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