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Tuslob Buwa – minced pork liver and brain gravy in the Philippines

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We are in the Pasil neighborhood of Cebu City, Philippines.
The Philippines is known for having some of the tastiest exotic dishes in the world, and each province having its own “specialty.”
In Cebu, one of these dishes is tuslob buwa, a popular street food whose chief ingredients are minced pork liver, innards and brain, which get sautéed with garlic, onions, shrimp paste, and chilis in a wok filled with boiling oil or lard and sometimes soy sauce for extra flavor. The mixture starts out as a watery stock, but changes into a thick, bubbly stew the longer it stays over the fire.
The name roughly translates to something like “dip in bubbles”, or “dipping in froth”, a reference to its consistency and a hint on how to enjoy it: people dip pusô, or hanging rice (cooked rice wrapped around weaved palm or pandan leaves), into the resulting thick and bubbly froth, scooping some of the meat and spices, and then eat the entire “assembly.”
Tuslob buwa is cheap: You will pay only for the hanging rice, which is around 5.00 Philippine pesos per piece. Served from a street cart in a large, bubbling wok, it is meant to be shared among friends and strangers. However, Pasil has a reputation for being a bit dirty and unsanitary, so it’s definitely not the most hygienic of meals….



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