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In Japan, coronavirus pandemic inspired haunted house drive-through experience

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A haunted house tour operator in Japan has announced the world’s first horror drive-through experienced as a responsible way of providing horror enthusiasts with summer scares also during the Covid-19 pandemic.
While restaurants and shops remain the most affected business by the coronavirus, amusement parks and events aren’t fairing much better either. Regarding haunted house attractions, It’s hard scaring someone without getting up close, but some companies are starting to adapt to the situation and trying out new things.
As a result, haunted house design company Kowagarasetai has created what it calls the world’s first haunted house drive-through experience.
As the name suggests, the upcoming event is meant to be experienced from inside a vehicle, with the windows up, in order to minimize the risk of COVID-19 infection. Participants can bring their own cars and pay the admission price of 8,000 yen ($75) or, if they don’t have one, they can pay 1,000 yen extra and use a four-seat car provided by the company. Of course, all company cars are properly disinfected after each session.


The unique haunted house experience will take place in a haunted garage in Tokyo’s Azabu district. According to a press release, “this is a garage where a horrible incident occurred long ago; now people say that if you park your car inside and honk your horn three times, something will happen”. Pretty much a typical haunted house backstory adapted to the drive-through theme, but if you were hoping for more, you’ll be happy to know that additional story details will play over your car’s radio while you’re parked inside the garage!
Each haunted drive-through session is expected to last about 20 minutes and participants can expect to see zombies, ghosts and other types of undead. Luckily, they won’t be get too close for fear of coronavirus infection!

The Kowagarasetai haunted house drive-through experience will take place on July 4th and July 5th. If you’re planning on going, you can book your spot online!



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