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Around the world in pandemic Street Art

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A person walks past a piece of art by the artist, known as the Rebel Bear after it appeared on a wall on Bath Street in Glasgow. The new addition to Glasgow's street art is capturing the global Coronavirus crisis. The piece features a man pulling a chain with a germ attached to it as the UK continues in lockdown to help curb the spread of the coronavirus. (Photo by Andrew Milligan/PA Images via Getty Images)

Throughout the ages, artists have taken their messages to public spaces, from Pompeii’s walls in Roman times to New York City’s subway cars in the 1980s. Driven by the current pandemic and its unique and unusual aesthetic, made of knobby viruses, face masks and messages of solidarity, creatives around the world have continued to express themselves publicly. During lockdown, cities and not only were studded with love for healthcare workers, cynicism for politicians, frustration at the crisis, or simple encouragement.
We have collected some of these messages, depicted in street art from all over the world.

| A mural reads “Fight!” near the construction site of a medical center’s new building in Moscow, Russia – March 2020 | 👇🏼

| Visual artist know as Grandsan paints graffiti at a butcher shop in Kibera, Kenya – March 2020 | 👇🏼

| Street artist Pegasus depicted Boris Johnson in Shoreditch, London – March 2020 | 👇🏼

| A graffiti in front of Cologne Cathedral in Germany that says “To hell with Corona” – March 2020 | 👇🏼

| A policeman stands over graffiti about social distancing at a temporary market in Chennai, India – April 2020 | 👇🏼

| A mural in Los Angeles, California – April 2020 | 👇🏼

| A man walks past art of a person pulling a chain with a virus attached to it, by the artist known as the Rebel Bear, in Glasgow, Scotland – April 2020 | 👇🏼

| Street art in Amsterdam’s “Red Light District” – April 2020 | 👇🏼

| Artist Kai ‘Uzey’ Wohlgemuth depicted a nurse as Superwoman in Hamm, Germany – April 2020 | 👇🏼

| A mural in Los Angeles, California – April 2020 | 👇🏼

| By Corie Mattie, California | 👇🏼

| Art by Fake, an Amsterdam- based artist | 👇🏼

| “Pure’ll Gold”, by Darion Fleming – “I hope this piece can offer some comedic relief in what is a very serious and trying time for humanity. Stay safe, stay healthy, and stay creating”, he write | 👇🏼

| “I want you to stay home”, by Tvboy | 👇🏼

| Another opera by Tvboy, in Barcellona, called “Mobile Wolrd Virus” | 👇🏼

| Always Tvboy, from the so popular “The Kiss” by Hayez, later vandalized | 👇🏼

| The kiss by Pony Wave in Venice Beach – California | 👇🏼

| by Lionel Stanhope – London | 👇🏼

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