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Mysterious safe discovered in the middle of a New York field (to remain locked)

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Probably this is another thing to add to “weird things that happened in 2020” list: a locked safe with a mysterious note attached to it, discovered in the middle of an agricultural field in New York state.
Last Thursday a man named Kirk Mathes was out of town, when he got a phone call about a large metal safe that had been found on one of his fields, near the town of Barre.
Word spread so fast that deputies had to disperse a crowd that had gathered on the side of the road to see the oddity. The metal safe, which the farmer estimates weighs between 500-600 lbs., had to be transported to the field by heavy machinery, even though no one appears to know who or when they put it there.

But all everyone wants to know is what’s inside it, especially because of a mysterious note attached to it: “If you can open it, you can keep what is inside“.
Kirk Mathes claims that people actually tried opening it to see what’s inside before police came and dispersed them, but in vain. And now the farmer is reluctant to solve the mystery of the safe, as it has proven a nice distraction from the pandemic.

They took a sledgehammer to it, knocked off the dial and handle, they worked on the hinges, kind of beat it up,” he said. “My personal feeling is, leave it as a mystery. If you open it, the show is over. In these times, with the virus and the politics, it might get people a chance to set their problems or troubles aside and have a lot of fun talking about it.

And as for who put the safe on his farm, he doesn’t really know, but he suspects it was “some wise guy or kids. Real jokers.

For now, the safe is in one of his barns, but he told local reporters that he planned to hide it as soon as they left, to discourage anyone from breaking into his property to try to open it or steal it. In the future, it could become part of a planned history museum in Barre.
It could be holding millions of dollars. It could have confetti in there. You have no idea, so just dream,” said Cindy Vanlieshout of the Barre Betterment Committee, which is helping with plans for the museum.
So we may never know what’s inside….

Source: 13wham.com

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