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#TodayInHistory – December 10

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December 10 – Some important events on this day.

1510 👉🏼 Muslim ruler of Goa, Yusuf Adil Shah and his Ottoman allies surrender to Portuguese forces led by Afonso de Albuquerque who puts the Muslim population to the sword
1520 👉🏼 Martin Luther publicly burns papal edict demanding he recant
1582 👉🏼 France begins use of Gregorian calendar
1684 👉🏼 Isaac Newton’s derivation of Kepler’s laws from his theory of gravity, contained in the paper De motu corporum in gyrum, is read to the Royal Society by Edmond Halley
1768 👉🏼 First part (number) of the Encyclopedia Britannica published in Edinburgh, Scotland
1799 👉🏼 Metric system first adopted in France
1831 👉🏼 “Spirit of the Times” begins publishing in New York City, the premier sports journal of the 19th century
1869 👉🏼 Women suffrage (right to vote) granted in Wyoming Territory (US 1st)
1884 👉🏼 “Adventures of Huckleberry Finn” by Mark Twain is first published in the UK and Canada (US Feb 1885, due to printing error)
1898 👉🏼 Treaty of Paris which ended the Spanish–American War is signed by US President McKinley; US acquires Philippines, Puerto Rico and Guam
1901 👉🏼 First Nobel Peace Prizes awarded to Red Cross founder Jean Henri Dunant and peace activist Frederic Passy.
1915 👉🏼 Ford builds its 1 millionth car
1926 👉🏼 2nd part of Adolf Hitler’s Mein Kampf published
1936 👉🏼 Edward VIII signs Instrument of Abdication, giving up the British throne to marry American divorcee Wallis Simpson
1942 👉🏼 The “Great Emu War” ends: Emu’s surprising resilience to bullets led to Emu victory over Australian military in Campion district, Western Australia
1946 👉🏼 German/Swiss novelist Hermann Hesse wins the Nobel Prize in Literature “for his inspired writings which, while growing in boldness and penetration, exemplify the classical humanitarian ideals and high qualities of style”
1961 👉🏼 Robert Hofstadter and Rudolf Ludwig Mössbauer win the Nobel Prize in Physics for their pioneering studies of electron scattering in atomic nuclei and discoveries concerning the structure of the nucleon
1964 👉🏼 Nobel Peace Prize presented to Dr Martin Luther King Jr. in Oslo
2016 👉🏼 Bob Dylan is awarded the Nobel Prize for Literature at a ceremony he does not attend in Stockholm
2019 👉🏼 1st fully electric commercial plane, a retro-fitted seaplane, completes test flight in Vancouver

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