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Hillandale Bridge: the abandoned bridge to nowhere that stands secluded in the woods of a Cleveland suburb

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Many people have had conversations about the “abandoned Hillandale bridge to nowhere” and some even have reach it, either with or without spray paint in hand. This 1920s construction that has stood the test of time lies perched atop a hill on an old brick road in Euclid, Ohio, near a city park of the same name. And now exists, not by chance, literally as a bridge to nowhere.

Money was poured into a bridge that was built to allow car traffic to a development that promised “high grade homes” that never, ever came into existence. It and the surrounding area were in fact abandoned during the Great Depression of the 1930s, and no developer ever restored the land after better economic times came about in the post-World War II era. No expense was spared for this elaborate bridge complete with an “S” curve to it connecting one side of a valley to another. Thus there are no streets leading to either side of the bridge, and no cars have ever crossed it that anyone knows of.
Either way, the structure stands as a testament to the bridge construction and engineering of the early automobile age, and is one of those hidden Cleveland-area gems that are worth seeking out for a hike or photographic exploration. Its decaying arches and picturesque curving roadway are still accessible, surrounded by quiet woods and crossing a small, burbling creek at the bottom of a steep ravine.
Along the bridge and the old brick road leading to it are also old fixtures and remnants of streetlights as well while, beyond the bridge, are trails where an observant hiker can find remnants of old brick houses and the foundations of another older bridge.

Author’s notes: to reach the bridge, park within the Hillandale Park parking lot and walk up on the brick road. The bridge is a small distance up the path. Just be certain not to walk onto the driveway of the one private residence that exists up the hill. Use caution when crossing it. After decades of decay, there are holes through its surface to the valley floor.

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