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Okuda San Miguel, the spanish artist that turned an old lighthouse into a vibrantly colored work of art

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Spanish artist Okuda San Miguel turned a regular lighthouse in northern Spain’s Cantabria region into an eye-catching work of art.
Literally inspired by the “natural wealth of the region by representing local fauna and, with its textures, the cultural diversity of a modern and open Cantabria, which is connected to the world,” he turned the Faro de Ajo lighthouse into a technicolor work, featuring more than 70 vibrant hues. His signature style comprises vibrant geometric patterns that integrate animals, skulls, and religious iconography. He started work on the 16-meter-tall lighthouse in August and completed the project, titled “Infinite Cantabria”, in September. The lighthouse now stands as the first to be artistically intervened along the entire spanish coast, and this has been carried out in such a way which respects its original function of assisting ships as a maritime signal.

It has been a unique experience, both because of the artistic challenge that it has brought about for me, as well having carried this project out in my homeland,” the artist said. The work has been viewed by over ten thousand recorded visitors.

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