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Zombie Hunters, a local singer or photoshop? The true story of loneliest house in the world

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For years, a variety of photos of a mysterious solitary white house on the side of a green hill, on a small, deserted island surrounded by ocean as far as the eye can see have been doing the rounds on the web, earning the unofficial title of “loneliest house in the world”.
But where is exactly?
In Iceland.
The Vestmannaeyjar archipelago consists of a cluster of small islands off the southern coast of the country. Elliðaey, or Ellirey, is the most northeastern of these islands, and home to the iconic house siting alone on an amazing grassy, sloping pasture.
It’s an idyllic place that has remained uninhabited since the 1950s, which only makes the existence of this apparently well-maintained building even more mind-boggling.

Throughout the years, rumors and theories about the lonely house of Elliðaey Island, have been floating around online, including that it was built by an eccentric businessman as a zombie apocalypse shelter, or that it was the property of a religious fanatic. Even Icelandic singer Bjork was at one point rumored to own the building but not only, as apparently he even be in negotiations with authorities to buy the island. It was suggested also that the picture itself is a hoax and the house is actually photoshopped. However, none of these stories turned out to be true, as the real story of the loneliest house in the world isn’t worthy of such fantastic theories.
It’s actually just a hunting lodge built in the 1950s by the Elliðaey Hunting Association, whose members use it when they come to the deserted island to hunt puffins. It’s unclear how the island even has a hunting association, considering no one even lives there, but that’s how things stand, apparently.
Either way, a handful of families actually lived on Elliðaey Island up until the 1930s, when they finally decided to move to more populated regions of Iceland, in search of better opportunities. However, they knew what they were leaving behind: an abundance of Atlantic puffins and fish. And so they did return to the island periodically in order to hunt (maybe that’s how the hunting association started out).

Despite the hunting lodge of Elliðaey continues to be maintained in good condition by the island’s hunting association, it’s not the most comfortable house in the world. Living in the middle of nowhere does have its perks, of course, but electricity, running water or indoor plumbing are definitely not among them.
It does have a sauna, though, fed by a rainwater collection system, and even a fence around it, which is just plain weird, considering there is nobody living there.
Because Elliðaey Island is a major nesting area for storm petrels and other sea birds, it is listed as a nature reserve and a protected area, but that doesn’t seem to stop members of the Elliðaey Hunting Association from coming her and, well, hunting birds.
However, if you just want to admire the natural beauty of this place, tour companies operating in the Vestmannaejar archipelago offer day trips to several of these deserted islands.
So yes, the loneliest house in the world is indeed very lonely, but there is nothing else really special about its story…

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