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The Bridgewater Triangle: Massachusetts’ paranormal vortex

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The Bridgewater Triangle is an infamous area within southeastern Massachusetts in the United States, that is known for its odd paranormal activity. The Triangle is about 200 square miles (520 km2) of swampland and forest.
The area is well known for its UFO sightings, orbs, balls of fire and other spectral phenomena, but also various bigfoot-like sightings, giant snakes, “thunderbirds”, and poltergeist phenomena. You name it, they have it.
Even stranger sightings have occurred like one that took place in 1980. It was then that police sergeant Thomas Downey had witnessed a winged creature that was at least 1,80 meters tall.
According to one tale, the reason why the Bridgewater Triangle is such a hot-zone of paranormal activities is because the Native Americans cursed the swamp centuries ago, as they put a malady on the area on account of the poor treatment they received from Colonial settlers. The stories say that it owes its paranormal unrest because the Natives summoned up dark spirits to damn the land and have their revenge on their European meddlers.
The specific borders of the Bridgewater Triangle were first drawn up by renowned cryptozoologist Loren Coleman. The term was coined in the 1970s by the man himself, and jotted down that the Bridgewater Triangle encompasses the towns of Abington, Rehoboth, and Freetown at the points of the triangle. In the 1980s, paranormal investigators broadened the triangle and included an area in neighboring Vermont.

Central to the area is Hockomock Swamp, which in Algonquian means “the place where spirits dwell”, while River State Forest has reportedly been the site of various cult activity including animal sacrifice, ritualistic murders committed by admitted Satanists, as well as a number of gangland murders and a number of suicides.
Other popular zones whitin triangle are Profile Rock, the supposed site of where Wampanoag historical figure Anawan received the lost wampum belt from Philip, the first peace treaty made between the Native people of America. Belts of these types were powerful spiritual charms. Legend has it the ghost of a man can be seen sitting on the rock with his legs crossed or with outstretched arms blessing the State Forest, but also the Solitude Stone, an inscribed stone which was found near a missing person’s body. Also known as “suicide stone,” the rock was found with the inscription: “All ye, who in future days, Walk by Nunckatessett stream Love not him who hummed his lay Cheerful to the parting beam, But the beauty that he wooed.”
Due to the incredibly strange paranormal happenings in such a condensed area, it is sometimes known as America’s Bermuda Triangle. This is despite the fact that other spots in America are known to have strange areas just like this one – such as Vermont’s Bennington Triangle, but this is another story…

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