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Don Adán Arana: the mexican man buried in his truck

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They say you can’t take material possessions with you to the grave, but a Mexican man decided to prove everyone wrong….by asking to be buried with his beloved pickup truck!

This is the story of Don Adán Arana from Puerto San Carlos, a man from Baja California Sur, located some 260 kilometers north of La Paz, Mexico. Because of his drawn-out battle with an incurable cancer, he couldn’t enjoy the pick-up truck that one of his sons had gifted him not too long before.
And, as he know he did not have much time on this Earth, he told his family that he wanted to be buried with the vehicle, so he could drive it in the afterlife.
Don Adán was identified as a loved and respected person in the community, and he was recognized as one of the founders of the fishing activity.
Either way, respecting your loved ones’ last wishes is a very serious matter in Mexico, so he was laid to rest according to his will.

Photos that have since gone viral on Mexican social media show a crane being used to lower the deceased’s truck into a brick-lined tomb, and his coffin placed on the bed of the truck.
However, the man’s family could face a hefty fine, as they did not request any type of authorization for the unusual burial: despite some observers applauded the gesture, others questioned its legality, as local authorities were unaware of the construction of the tomb.

But, in the meantime, Don Adán Arana rests in peace in his pickup, buried in the local cemetery in Puerto San Carlos, Comondú Parish, Baja California Sur.

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