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The Trembling Rock: a 132-Tonne boulder that anyone can move

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The famous Trembling Rock of Huelgoat forest, in northeastern France, is a 7-meter-long, 137-tonne block of granite that anyone can move with their own hands….as long as they know how to push it!

The forest of Huelgoat is home to numerous large boulders and geological wonders, but Trembling Rock, also known as Logan stone, is by far the most popular of them all.
After all, how many of them can help you look like the strongest person in the world?
The lush, dense forest near the commune of Huelgoat (In Breton An Uhelgoad, meaning “High Forest”) was once a part of royal lands, reserved for the wealthy to experience, but now it is open to anyone looking to experience 2,500 acres of wilderness.
The Celts and Romans already exploited the area’s lead and silver mines.
However, the local mining industry reached its heyday in the 18th and 19th centuries with around 1,600 miners indeed extracted up to 700 tonnes of lead and nearly 2 tonnes of silver per year.
These mines left their name to the river Argent that flows from the lake that sits at the centre of Huelgoat.
Many of the boulders, which seem to congregate along its edges likely ended up in their current spots thanks to some ancient rushing waters.
Trembling Rock is simply one such boulder, left perched atop a much wider rock base in a unique position.
The oblong boulder is so large and heavy that no human could ever hope to move it by themselves. However, due to the tiny peak or ridge it sits on, the 137-ton stone, regardless of how skinny or weak they are, can gently rock it up and down just by pushing on the right spot, and can actually teeter a bit if you know where to push.

Either way rock formations are always a welcome sightseeing spot, but not many of them actually give you something to do.
Be sure to bring someone to impress!

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