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McDonald’s in China replaces chairs with stationary bikes so you can burn calories while you eat…

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Some McDonald’s restaurants in China are replacing regular table seats with stationary bikes in an (apparent) effort to promote exercise.
Some TikTok videos recently have been doing the rounds online, showing stationary bikes being used as seats at McDonald’s eateries in Gunagdong .
The video was shared multiple times on the platform with millions of views and one seen over 33 million times.
Made out of recycled plastic, the bikes not only encourage patrons to start burning calories as they eat, but they also allow people to recharge their smartphones with the generated energy.
According to McDonald’s China, there are currently 10 such “Green Charging Bikes” at two restaurants in Guangdong and Shanghai.

“The bike generates electricity to power everyday devices like mobile phones and is a part of McDonald’s China’s ‘Upcycle for Good’ project,” a McDonald’s China statement read. “It is an initiative focused on creating products with plastic parts from recycled materials.”

The new initiative is apparently “designed to inspire more green behaviors as customers enjoy their McDonald’s favorites”, and McDonald’s is currently monitoring customer feedback of the bikes to decide whether they should expand it to other outlets throughout China.

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