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Lays, the potato chip giants, launches a finger washing machine!

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Lays is the world’s bestselling potato chip brand…but probably you didn’t know that recently launched a limited edition miniature washing machine for oily fingertips!

Let’s face it, there are few things in the world more addictive than potato chips, but if there’s one thing everyone hates…apart from getting us fat, it’s the oil they leave on our fingertips.
You need to have napkins on hand, lick your fingertips, or get up from that comfortable sofa and wash up your hand when you’re done stuffing your stomach.
But now, thanks to a rather ingenious marketing campaign, potato chip enthusiasts have another, more comfortable option: a miniature washing machine designed specifically to clean oily fingertips.

It sounds dumb, and it kind of is.
After all, who needs a fingertip washing machine?
But the cool factor is definitely there as well, as the concept itself is interesting. Moreover, they made this contraption look like a classic washing machine!
All you have to do is press the on/off button, put your oily fingertip into the machine through the laundry door and wait for the magic to happen.
Although not as advanced as a modern washing machine, this little thing features a clever induction system that sprays atomized alcohol when it detects your fingertip inside it, and the alcohol comes from a refillable tank at its bottom.

The Lays fingertip washing machine measures 15 cm in height, 11 cm in width, and features a USB Type-C charging port.
It recently went viral on Japanese social media, with countless people expressing interest in it, either as a collector’s item, or just for fun.
Unfortunately, only five such devices will be made available, and not commercially, but through a special lottery.
And It’s unclear whether people from outside Japan can participate for a chance to win one.
And me? I never actually touch the chips with my fingers. I just tilt the bag into my mouth.
But I’m already applying for residency in Japan….

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