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THOR 24 – the most powerful truck ever built!

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THOR 24 is a unique big rig often referred to as “the most powerful big rig ever built” because of its horsepower rating (3,974 horsepower), through a 24-cylinder engine with 12 superchargers.

Can you imagine the god of thunder in truck form?
Probably no, and me neither, but builder Mike Harrah yes, did, and the result is nothing short of crazy.
The 13,5-meters-long big rig is powered by two 13961,8 cubic-cm V12 diesel engines and 12 superchargers and requires four drag parachutes to deploy out of the rear bumper to stop when it reaches its peak speed of 130 mph (or 209 km/h!).
It apparently took the man seven years and thousands of hours to build it (with a cost over $7 million).

One look at THOR 24 and anyone can tell that it’s no ordinary truck.
The shiny chrome plating and aluminum accents catch the eye, but it’s the sound of those two V12 diesel engines really gets your attention.
But also the interior of this metal monster is just as intriguing, as the dash features no less than 24 gauges, including a speedometer, tachometer, several pressure gauges, and a compressor operation indicator, and the whole cabin is illuminated with LEDs.
The gear shifter is shaped like a badass sword, and a Hawker Jet Helicopter engine acts as an auxiliary generator powering features like a 40-inch television and 1,500-watt audio system.
Because the front part of the truck is so unusually long, four cameras mounted on the front bumper feed live footage to four 4×6-inch display screens mounted above the windshield so the driver can actually see in front of them.

The two diesel engines and their accompanying superchargers can push this 14514,956-kg behemoth to a top speed of 100 mph (160 km/h), but once the built-in nitrous boost kicks in, the top speed jumps to a whopping 130mph (2019 km/h)!
There are also eight nitrous oxide bottles installed between the middle bank of superchargers.

Either way, in 2019, the THOR 24 truck seat a new world record for the highest-priced custom vehicle ever sold, when it was auctioned off for a whopping $12 million, which was boosted to its $13.2 million final price….

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