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Deep Sleep Hotel: Discover world’s deepest hotel that has you sleeping 419 meters underground!

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Located in an abandoned mine, 419 meters under the mountains of Snowdonia, in Wales, the Deep Sleep Hotel is known as the world’s deepest hotel.

Comprised of four private twin-bed cabins and a grotto room with a double bed, a dining area, and toilet facilities, it is a hotel unlike any other.
Set deep within a section of the abandoned Cwmorthin slate mine, 1,375 feet (419 meters) underground, you’ll not only have to pay up to £550 ($688) per night, but also traverse a steep and challenging route through the old mine itself to reach it!
The hotel was inaugurated in April 2023 by outdoor activity company Go Below and is only open for business one night per week, on Saturdays.
Visitors begin by making reservations online, and on Saturday evening start their adventure by traveling to the Go Below base near the town of Blaenau Ffestiniog, where trained guides await to accompany them to the underground hotel.
Then, after putting on the safety helmet, miner’s lamp, harness, and Wellington boots (classic style waterproof boots made of rubber), they are ready to enter the underground world.
After trekking for 45 minutes through the mountains, they gear up at a small cottage and prepare for their descent into the abandoned Cwmorthin mine, the world’s largest abandoned slate (a type of rock commonly used in construction) mine. Mining started in 1810 and works continued until the end of the 1990s.
The previously flooded and abandoned mine is a labyrinth of tunnels that go through impressively large caverns, sometimes stretching over 330 feet (100 meters) in each direction.
The challenging route consists of old stairways, derelict bridges, and slacklines, and reaching the hotel takes about an hour.
During your journey to the underground, you will see rusty mining equipment and even water (or spirit?) bottles of Victorian time workers.
Once at the Deep Sleep Hotel, guests are treated to a warm drink an an expedition-style meal, before they retire for a deep sleep.
Although the temperature in the world’s deepest hotel remains a constant 10 degrees Celsius all year round, the thickly insulated cabins are reportedly quite cozy.
They also feature running water, electricity and even Wi-Fi through a one-kilometer-long ethernet cable from a 4G antenna on the surface.
Interestingly, it took the title of ‘world’s deepest hotel’ from a suite in Sweden’s Sala Silver Mine, at “only” 154 meters (508ft) underground….

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