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A regular upside down house in Krasnoyarsk, Russia.

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It seems that in the city of Kasnoyarsk, Russia, the natural attractions were not enough to attract a consistent number of tourists to the sunny and fresh (-18°C stimated in January) of one of the major transport hub in Siberia.
The municipal administration, really very active from the point of view of cultural initiatives, has therefore decided to provide the copious local population (more than 1 million people) with a new attraction that could entertain and intrigue even tourists looking for something “different”. This house is totally normal, except It’s upside down, and is a perfect reproduction of a typical Russian home of a wealthy family, and take the visitors in an otherwise fun and unusual experience.
From the outside, this amazing house seems precariously balanced on its roof, while a car clings to the driveway, as do a collection of gardening tools, and a blossoming cherry tree above the people that pass underneath.
Inside, visitors visit the house by walking on its ceilings through an upside down version of an otherwise normal home. In the living room there are a couch, a fireplace and Christmas tree all completed by a pair of shoes and a coat hanging next to the door, while in the kitchen, on the table you can see a gravity-defying plates of spaghetti. The rooms of the house are all made upside down, and the idea, surely original but certainly not new, is by a great artist of world renowned, Daniel Czapiewski. I found the photos on the public research of the web.

There is also a similar attraction in Poland, in Szymbark. photo from the web.

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