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Anežka Kašpárková, the ninety-year-old artist who decorate the village of Louka in Czech Republic.

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In the small Czech village of Louka, in the South Moravian region, a ninety-year-old lady decided to spend its life with a really particular artistic adventure: beautifying all the houses of the village with floral decorations, typical of this area. Anežka Kašpárková, year ago, was a former agricultural worker who, to a certain age, has decided to become an outdoor painter. His drawings are usually made with a very bright blue-marine color, which today characterizes lot of external facades of Louka’s houses. The small village church is one of the favorite places of painting for she, which is renewed in its colors, year after year. Anežka Kašpárková does not plan her own floral motifs first, she starting to paint and letting herself be carried away by her imagination. Tradition is typically feminine in lot of Moravian villages, and the lady learned the technique by the old women who made decorations before her. The floral motifs that Anežka draws usually surround the windows, and then become a work of art in their own right in the front of the house. Despite being forced to stop during the coldest and hottest days, the work of painting is almost continuous from spring to autumn, and she has led the village to assume a unique style of painting in its kind.

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