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The incredible sculptures of Spencer Byles lost in the Woods of France

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Deep and lost in the woods of southern France, the artist Spencer Byles transformed the forest into a mysterious fairy-tale thanks a series of spectacular, organic sculptures. The sculptor is truly out of the ordinary: spent a whole year in the woodlands of La Colle sur Loup, Villeneuve-Loubet, and Mougins to realize his ambitious project. Surrounded only by nature, the sculptor used only material natural to create his wonderful, big works of art. According to Byles, many people come across his sculptures by chance in the woods, and it’s really a beautiful experience meet with the sight of woven suspended structures made of twined branches, also mysterious because the people that visit this place may question whether this sculptures were formed naturally, created by human, or left in the forest by supernatural forces.


The uniqueness it’s the secret of Byles’ creations and his work, because each piece was made in collaboration with nature and it’s temporary: each sculpture is destined to be reabsorbed by the forest, in a sort of historic and philosophical circle, which always closes with the victory of nature over the human work.
The sculptor says:
The temporary nature of my sculptures is an important aspect of my experiences and understanding. I feel my sculptures are only really completed when nature begins to take hold again and gradually weave its way back into the materials. At this point it slowly becomes part of nature again and less a part of me.

Visit http://spenceredgelands.blogspot.com/search/label/Sculpture%20L1 for see all incredible works of this artist 🙂

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