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Pontusval Lighthouse.

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The savage beauty of the Pays Pagan coastline, known as “Shipwreck Shore”, has long been feared by sailors on account of its granite rocks, strong currents and the tradition sourronding it. For a long time the area was frequented by ships seeking shelter in bad weather near l’Aber-Wrac’h, the Ile de Batz or the port of Pontusval. However, in the 19th century the lighthouses of Ile Vierge and Batz were not visible in heavy fog and strong currents would pull boats towards the Beg-Pol rocks, causing many shipwrecks in the area each year. In 1865 the authorities asked for a lighthouse to be built on the Pontusval headland. This was approved at the end of 1867 and the lighthouse was built in great haste by a company from Landerneau using local materials. Since 15th September 1869 the 18 metre-high lighthouse, which is visible for about 10 miles, has faithfully fulfilled its task.

Poull beuz an aneval!…
An aneval eo an aerouant
a zismantre bro Elorn,
ken braz oa eged eur marc’h
ha gouest da lonka en eur c’henaouad
eun danvadez.
Kabestret eun deiz gand Neventer ha Derhen,
ar bugel Riog, mab Elorn,
e gasas evelse beteg beg an tevenn,
lec’h ma oe taolet er mor
ha beuzet.

(Anna Vari)

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