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Mocha Cat Café. Take a break, with Japanese Cats!

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Mocha Cat Cafè it’s a brand very popular in Japan. With ten branches and counting, this popular chain knows how to deliver a cat-cafe experience to every cat lover. It seems that the cat-cafè located in Akihabara (in photo) is one of the most larger. Given the neighborhood, it’s especially popular also with tourists, and staff are prepared to accommodate visitors in English (more or less). There are 28 resident cats, including a lot of very fluffy and pretty cats and exotic breeds.
There are three spacious playroom areas, with Mocha’s signature artificial tree structure and birdcage-style stands, where the cats can perch themselves and nap.
Since there’s a constant stream of people, the cats aren’t all that excited, but some of them, especially the younger ones, can be persuaded to play with visitors. It’s possible also opt for the rather pricey cat treats (Y500) to attract their attention!
Unlike other branches, there’s a thirty-minute minimum for the admission fee here, with additional increments of ten minutes after that. Feeding times for the cats are 10:30am and 7:30pm every day. Below the cats’ dinner, and other pictures. One thing is sure: in Japan cat lovers will surely find something to do! After a break in one of the Mocha Cat Cafè, you can also take a trip to Tashirojima, the island of cats!

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