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Relationships before Social Networks: 20 old photographs shows a different way to delete the former Friends.

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In the past friendship, before Facebook and the other social networks, was an exchange of affection, sharing of common experiences and a direct knowledge of the other that defined a closer relationship than simple knowledge. Now friendship has become really different, often misunderstood between real and virtual, but the most sad thing is that the word “friend” for many has assumed a really superficial connotation. In fact, on Facebook, Instagram and similar, your contacts are all Friends, even if you don’t know at all that person!
As in many human relations, friendship is a relationship that can end, maybe due to the distance, or for loss of interest, or as a result of some action that can annoy the other. And today what do you do? It seems it is normal that a quarrel leads to “block” the other person on Facebook…even if sometimes, blocking a “friend” can also be done out of spite. I’m right?

By making a connection with the past, the photographs in this article (source below), are likely to indicate people who have no longer had the pleasure of remembering moments of their lives close to another people. The stratagem of the images was simple: people erased the face or the whole body of the other, so that no longer appeared in any way in the image!
I think that these photographs dates back the beginning/mid ‘900, and here many faces are erased and many bodies are cut, as eternal sign of a friendship, or a loving relationship, badly finished.
Seen through the eyes of people who use abitually social networks, it seem really strange, but in the past were very strong and unequivocal signals, so strong to reach us, in the age of a usual, but sad Friendship via Social Network. Even though most people of all ages are now connected to the social network, there are still people who prefer real friendship. I am one of these. And what do you think?

Source images: The mind circle.com
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