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Eduard Gordeev: an Impressionist Cityscape photographer

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Eduard Gordeev Эдуард Гордеев photographer

Eduard Gordeev, in russian Эдуард Гордеев is a really talented photographer who lives and works in St. Petersburg, Russia. He creates artistic landscape photo series of his beloved city St. Petersburg, a magnificent cityscape images look impressive and atmospheric with a bit of effect of acrylic paintings. These urban streets seem drenched in mystery and rain, and the reflections of city lights and all melting colors turn them into extraordinary pieces of art.

His urban landscape scenes are a hybrid between painting and photography, with a slightly retro charm, which reduces the distances between the two types of art. The St. Petersburg photographer characterizes the images he shoots on the streets of Russia as if they were filtered by a wet glass, with long strips of water invading the lens, completely modifying the final result.

The colors are transformed and modeled through the natural rain filter, and the photographs take on the appearance of a highly elaborated oil painting. The applied effects help to create an aura of mystery and poetry behind the image, making it look like the shot dating back to the end of ‘800, although in reality, of course, is made today.

The effect is even more impressive even for the particular characterization of the Russian roads, which place monuments and ancient characterizations at the center of the scene.
Even though squares, people and cities are distorted, the final result is more beautiful and particular than the reality itself.

If you are curious, this is artist’s Facebook Profil.

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