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The incredible infrared photographs of the Chernobyl Exclusion Zone.

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N. As we known, the exclusion zone includes the 30 kilometers radius from the center of the explosion that, in 1986, caused the most serious nuclear accident in history, a place from which human beings must keep “away” but in which the animals are back to proliferate undisturbed.
The photographer has documented the exclusion zone in a new and creative way, showing it with almost surreal colors. He said that during the exploration he felt an environment that was anything but melancholy, but that looked more like a little paradise on earth, undisturbed by man.

The sarcophagus covering the Central:

Grand piano in the concert hall of the abandoned city of Pripyat:

The tools of the secret base originated by the Woodpecker Signal near Chernobyl:

An abandoned farm:

Flowers and butterflies in the forest:

A gym in Pripyat:

The blue pool of Pripyat:

Simon, a fox who does not fear the man who often approaches the groups visiting the exclusion zone, asking for food:

Pripyat Amusement Park:

The route with the names of the evacuated villages on both sides:

The ruins of an electric-powered bus near Chernobyl:

A machinery used to clean the roof after the deadly casting:

The ghost town of Pripyat:

A lake near the Chernobyl exclusion zone:

The now famous abandoned Ferris wheel of Pripyat:

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