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Popcorn Bay: Fuerteventura’s beach with Pop-Corn-like sand

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On the island of Fuerteventura, near the town of Corralejo, in the Canaries, there is a beach whose sand seems to be made of Pop Corn.
The place is known as “Popcorn Beach” or “Popcorn Bay”, and from a distance it is not unlike any other beach on the Spanish island, but when you approach it you can see millions of small pebbles shaped like a pop corn. The strange fragments are actually small pieces of white coral coming to the shore. These mix with the volcanic rocks and the black sand of the beach, and the result is a mix of popcorn and black pepper!

The popcorn beach phenomenon is not new, but lately the Instagrammers have been publishing images that have become viral with a handful of corals/popcorn in their hands. Although they look identical to the food, the coral sand is obviously not edible, but it has a certain effect on the photographs of tourists on the island.

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