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A mysterious visitor leave toys on the grave of a two-year-old boy died more than 100 years ago.

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Graveyard mystery haunts a town after teddy bears keep being left next to the tombstone of a two-year-old boy who died 134 years ago. No one knows who is behind it. This is a recent story, indeed reported a few days ago by Daily Mail.
A haunting episode has left a small town baffled as a mysterious individual continues to leave toys on the grave of a two-years-old boy who died more than 100 years ago.
Teddy bears and toy trucks are among the toys that have been left near the headstone in Hope Valley Cemetery in Adelaide, Australia, once a month for the past eight years.
A fact shrouded in mystery, because Herbert Henry Dicker died on June 2, 1885 and, moreover, as a disturbing find, historians are sure he has no living relatives in the area.

Tea Tree Gully Library community history officer David Brooks was among the curious about why someone was leaving the toys for Herbert and decided to investigate.
According to Daily Mail Australia he had spoken to people in the community about it but no one has any idea where the toys had come from. It seems not even people from childcare centre next door know anything about this story.
According to a death notice in the South Australian Weekly Chronicle, in 1885 Herbert died after two days’ illness.
Herbert was one of 10 children, his parents James Dicker and Mary Ann Bowhey and the children moved from Adelaide to Tasmania five years after Herbert’s death.
It is understood the remaining children survived to adulthood and remained in Tasmania…..

Source and Images: DAILY MAIL.
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