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983 Followers: the spooky mural in an abandoned house in the countryside of Scotland

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Spanish artist and illustrator Daniel Munoz, aka “SAN”, made a mural in Scotland, where he spent a few days working in an abandoned building somewhere in the Scottish countryside.
Entitled “983 Followers”, this beautiful piece of work was painted on concrete using acrylic and brushes, a different way of painting than the traditional spray-cans murals, and it is showing hundreds of monochrome silhouettes giving a rather impressive effect.

The mural covers three of four walls of an abandoned building and portrays the images of a large number of men (really 983?) gathered along the wall in such way that they give the impression to be waiting for us. A comment to today’s expectations when we speak about social media? The exact place has not been revealed, just as one cannot be sure that the number of people is actually 983 because in the photograph we cannot see the whole room, and unfortunately we can only speculate about the meaning of this mural. Only one thing is sure: this work of art manages to shake the soul of the audience.

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