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Just one note: history of the shortest concert ever!

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The summer of 2007 was an exciting year for White Stripe fans in Canada: Jack White and Meg White of the former legendary rock duo The White Stripes and their entourage set across the country and vowed to play every Province and Territory. Something no other band or artist had done on one tour before!
Along the way the White Stripes would show up at various and non announced places and play a quick set in a pub or in a studio like in Calgary or shoot off a canon on Citadel Hill in Halifax. As they did this they gathered quite the following as they proceeded east from the west coast.

During their extensive 2007 tour of Canada, they played a series of popup style free shows along the way. After Halifax they went up to Sydney, Cape Breton and then off to St. John’s Newfoundland. The tour was set to end just in St. John’s, on July 16th, ’07 at the Mile One Stadium, and that afternoon performed their last “secret show” of the year. This time around, the secret was out and everybody in the seaside city knew where they would be, ready for the free show!
On the outdoor stage of St. John’s notorious bar district, George Street, the White Stripes appeared for roughly 50 seconds to play a single note, and then take a bow. ONE NOTE.

The nice thing about all this is that on YouTube there is more than one video of the moment, and of course they all last less than a minute.
We have now officially played in every province and territory in Canada,” Jack White announced before The White Stripes submitted the show to Guinness Book of World Records for the shortest concert of all time. Although it was briefly recognized by the organization in 2009, the Guinness Book, much to the bitter dismay of Mr. White, have since scrapped the record on the grounds of being “too trivial”.
This was the last tour in the history of the band, but it will remain so imprinted in the heart of both to become two years later a documentary movie, “Under Great White Northern Lights”.

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