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The mystery of the abandoned plane on the Linate Airport runway.

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From the 27th of July the Linate airport has closed its doors, the restoration works of the tracks, taxiways and the structures will last until the end of October. The usually crowded airport runways have been cleared and are now deserted. It’s well know that the airport of the city of Milan is preparing to undergo a transformation: the first of the interventions that will be carried out will be the rebuilding of the Linate take-off and landing runway, but also the restyling of the boarding area and the plant that receives the suitcases, increasing safety levels and shortening control and sorting times. The commercial offer of the airport will be expanded with new shops and refreshment points and relaxation areas.

The spectacle of the deserted area opens up before the eyes of curious and many citizens who daily cross Viale Forlanini, the 3 km long road which has always had the important role of connection between the city of Milan and Linate airport.
Among the gray of the abandoned tracks, however, it is easy for an attentive eye to see something out of place: a shiny white object stands out in the desolation of airport ready for the works. It is a small plane. The aircraft, belonging to a private individual with Swiss citizenship, has a capacity of 30 seats. But passers-by asked themselves, of course, why in an enclosed airport, where it is not possible to take off or land, is there still a plane. The small plane, which for a month now has been located only on the Linate airport runway, seems to have been abandoned or perhaps forgotten.
The SEA group, which is in charge of managing the Milan airport system, asked the owner to recover the private jet.
However, the Swiss owner does not seem willing to go down to Milan and take his plane home. The requests made by SEA, in fact, had no response and the man seems to have disappeared into thin air. While waiting for the Company to make a decision, the small Swiss aircraft remains abandoned on the Milanese airport runway, which has been closed since July 27th.

Source: notizie.yahoo.com

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