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Hinnagami: the spirit that possess japanese dolls and grant their owners any wish

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Hinnagami are powerful spirits from Toyama Prefecture, Japan, that live inside in dolls. In Japan dolls take on an important meaning, and this is why once they become old they are not thrown away, because an ancient Japanese belief says that inside the dolls there is a soul. Therefore instead of getting rid of dolls used, the Japanese put them on an altar with the utmost respect.
The spirit within the dolls is considered evil, as the Hinnagami are spirits that grant wishes to the families that own the haunted doll.
Families who own hinnagami quickly become rich and powerful and in Japan people who become rich and famous very quickly are sometimes suspected of owning a hinnagami.

However, if a new request is not made as soon as a wish is granted, the hinnagami will demand, “What is next?” As soon as that request is fulfilled, the hinnagami demands another, and another, and another, becoming more and more insistent.
So, more the person asks to see their wishes fulfilled, more the doll will stick to it.
Because their creation comes out of human greed and desire, hinnagami cling to their creators obsessively and never leave them.
This attachment will become so stronger that that even death cannot separate the doll from its master, and the hinnagami will remain tied to her master, following him even after death and tormenting him for eternity.

According to tradition, Hinnagami are created through a long and complicated ritual and there are different methods of creating a hinnagami, which vary bit by bit depending on who you hear (or tell) the story from.
In the most popular ritual, the person who wishes to create a hinnagami must begin collecting grave earth that has been trampled on by people during the day. Grave earth must be collected in this way every night for three years. For an even stronger hinnagami, one should take earth from seven different cemeteries in seven different villages. Once collected, the grave earth is mixed with human blood until it becomes clay-like. Then it is molded into a doll shape representing a god or a spirit that its creator worships and the doll is placed and left in a busy road until it has been trampled upon by one thousand people. Then the creator retrieves the doll, which has become a hinnagami.
An alternative method is to collect graveyard stones and carve them into one thousand small dolls, each about nine centimeters long. Then dolls are boiled in a large pot until only one of them rises to the surface, and the doll that rises is said to contain the combined souls of all one thousand dolls. It becomes a special type of hinnagami called kochobbo.

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