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The abandoned disco Par hasard: it was the VIPs’ club

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Sixty years of history, music, loves, dances and foreign customers of the local spas were not enough to save this disco, now abandoned to itself. And here, at the Par Hasard in Abano Terme, Italy, music and psychedelic lights have definitively shut down.
It was a historic dance club, opened more than sixty years ago under the name of Dancing San Daniele and then became a Par hasard Village disco in the 90s. It worked until autumn 2015, and the structure that has entertained generations of young people and not only is now flooded with degradation.
The weeds are getting the best even on the writing that stands at the entrance of the structure, the access gates of the venue are padlocked and in the park, where there is still the stage for the orchestra and the summer dance floor, nature grows wild.

In September 2014 a manager had thrown in the towel both for the crisis and for the complaints about the noises of the community of Benedictine nuns who is on the top of the hill, and therefore at the beginning of summer the place had reopened thanks to a new management that had focused heavily on young people.
However, in the autumn of 2015 also the new manager handed over the keys to the owner of the property, closing definitively after a great “closing party” on September 19, 2015.

Unfortunately this spa area in recent years has lost a lot of its appeal, especially towards foreign customers.
In the golden years of spa treatments, when wealthy customers from all over Europe arrived in the most prominent hotels in the Abano and Montegrotto area, popular italian singers and groups such as Bobby Solo, Peppino di Capri or Fred Bongusto performed in the evening at Dancing di San Daniele.
Those who did not have the money to enter were content to listen to the songs from outside the net, and to see the VIPs in evening dress getting off the taxis, as a local elder told me, although he was not at all sorry for the closure of the most modern disco. Among the show’s personalities who have been to Par hasard Village in recent years there was also the queen of television commercials, the Australian Megan Gale, at the time when she was engaged to the Italian dancer Marzio Canevarolo.

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