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The images of a Venice free of tourists transformed by COVID-19

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In addition to being one of the most beautiful cities in the world, either with the snow, or with the high water, or during its magnificent carnival (and did you know that seen from above, its shape resembles that of a swan?), Venice is one of the full-of-tourist places in the Italy, maybe in Europe. Thousands of people flock to its narrow streets every day, up to the splendid Piazza San Marco, strictly passing through the Rialto Bridge, as the piercing chatter of tourists, in all the languages of the world, overlap. Who takes a picture, who is in a hurry, who walks, who gets lost. Yet Venice is a magical place, in any condition.
And also during this COVID-19 pandemic, it remains a special, wonderful place in part because of the way it forces you to listen, really listen, to the world around. And it highlights some of what we are all experiencing today. Like in Milan, considered the chaotic capital of Italian fashion par excellence, the landscape has changed. Even in the most densely frequented by tourists cities, amid the uncertainty and suffering of the pandemic, the silence reigns supreme.

Our life, professional and not, has been suspended by COVID-19. Each day we see news of the rising death toll, economic turmoil, and social isolation—the new constants of our lives. But there are also moments of connection and kindness, like people smiling and waving from across the street, conversations with neighbors we may not have spoken to before, expressions of support for healthcare workers, first responders, and other essential workers. It seems like there’s nothing that hasn’t been affected by this crisis, including the way the entire world appears. It is, in a word, quiet.
And Venice, completely free of tourists, you will probably never see it again….

Venezia Santa Lucia – Railway station 1#

Rialto Bridge 2#

Rialto Bridge 3#

Piazza San Marco 4#

Piazza San Marco 5#

Venice 6#

Venice 7#

Venice 8#

Venice 9#

Venice 10#

Venice 11#

Venice 12#

Venice 13#

Venice 14#

Venice 15#

Venice 16#

Venice 17#

Venice 18#

Venice 19#

Venice 20#

Venice 21#

Venice 22#

Venice 23#

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