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The curious story of South Korean woman who has drunk 150,000 cans of Coke in the last 40 years

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If you’re the kind of person who thinks that drinking Coke every day is a sure way to kill yourself, this 74-year-old woman who has been basically living drinking only this popular soft drinks for four decades would like a word with you…


In February, South Korean YouTube channel X SBS featured the curious story of a pensioner who has allegedly been drinking nothing but Coca Cola for the past 40 years. Curious fact, she isn’t one of those people who just can’t stand water, or who has been drinking Coke from a young age and could never be stop to drink it.
Actually, her Coke addiction is related to a very traumatic event: the loss of her husband, the love of her life, at the age of only 34. The woman said that she turned to Coke the way other people turn to alcohol to drown their sorrows, and she became more addicted to the drink even more after also losing her son in a traffic accident.
The woman claims that she has consumed 10 cans of Coke per day, on average, for the last 40 years, which would put the grand total at almost 150,000 cans, or 37,500 liters.
Of course the dream consumer that Coca Cola company would love to have more of!


In healthy terms, common sense dictates that drinking nothing but sugary drinks for such a long time is a sure recipe for an early grave, but this South Korean pensioner insisted that she was in great physical shape, and that the Coke actually contributed positively to that. She said it was the perfect remedy to hiccups, and that a can of her fizzy beloved drink always helps when she’s feeling tired, sleepy or hungry.
After hearing her claims, X SBS ask the pensioner if she was up for a health checkup at a local clinic, and she accepted. While her blood test came out normal for a person her age, an upper endoscopy revealed some minor stomach and duodenal ulcerations, which the doctor said could become a problem in the long term.
It’s unclear if the four decades of Coke consumption were the cause of the ulcers but, in any case, the woman told that she will try to lower the amount of Coca Cola she drinks every day!


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