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PooPaint: a toilet paper that lets you use your poop to make art

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If you’re bored in this difficult period, this specially-printed toilet paper that lets you use poop as paint to make art may be just what the doctor ordered.
PooPaint is a new type of toilet paper designed to make potty moments fun, and entertaining by allowing you to paint with poop when wiping your child’s bottom. Featuring a variety of printed images with dotted line sections that you are supposed to fill in with the leftover poop on a toddler’s bottom, PooPaint should ensure some truly special (and smelly) moments with your child. It’s like a coloring book, only instead of crayons….you’re using poop.

Japanese company launched PooPaint toilet paper in October of last year, as a way to help reduce the stress of toilet training for both children and parents, after an independent study by Geometry Ogilvy Japan found that about 70% of Japanese parents felt overwhelmed by the challenge of potty training their children, and many children found the task boring or frustrating.

Of course, no one is stopping you from using PooPaint when wiping your own bottom…
It’s going to be harder to aim the strip of toilet paper and wipe accurately to fill in the blank spaces, since you don’t have a clear view of the target, but maybe with a little practice….
If painting with poop sounds like a fun activity, you can buy PooPaint online, at a price of 500 yen ($4.65) per set (2 rolls).

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