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Elizabeth: the “Witch” of Union-Udell Cemetery, Ypsilanti – Michigan

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For many, cemeteries are macabre enough without any paranormal activity or ghost sightings. So here’s a Michigan graveyard that is said to be one of the most haunted in this state…

The Union-Udell Cemetery in Ypsilanti, home to a number of headstones dating back to the mid-1830’s, is an extensive graveyard just off Textile Road, south of Ford Lake and southwest of Willow Run Airport.
Apparently, It is the final resting place of a witch that still today haunts the cemetery.
This supposed witch’s name was Elizabeth, but there’s nothing that says if she died peacefully of natural causes, or killed by angry, superstitious townspeople. Although the details surrounding Elizabeth and her life are a mystery, many claim that she was a practitioner of witchcraft, which is why she allegedly haunts the old cemetery.
Based on this legend, paranormal investigators have flocked to the site, hoping to grab some kind of paranormal evidence, with some actually walking away with what they determine to be “proof”: aside from any audio & video evidence recorded on equipment used by “investigators”, amateur ghost’s enthusiasts and visitors have come away with experiences of their own like shadow people that wander from grave-to-grave, hiding behind trees and grave markers, and walking the grounds.
In addition, weird sounds like guttural growling and snarls have been heard emanating from undecipherable spots throughout the graveyard grounds during the dead of night.
However, why people would visit a cemetery during the dead of night and why a witch would growl or snarl is beyond me, unless it was for the only purpose to frighten away unwanted visitors….

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